What’s gotten into them?

Newsflash – conservatives suddenly acting conservative! Who woulda thunk it? Thanks to EdCone.com for reading keeping up with these losers so I don’t have to.

Greensboro congressman [Howard Coble] says he and fellow NC Republican Walter Jones “are becoming increasingly frustrated by the daily loss of American lives, along with the enormous cost to the American taxpayers, in an operation that should be taken over by Iraqi citizens.”

Don’t forget that in 2003, Jones was the sophisticated legislator who brought “freedom fries” to congress, and Coble got attention for stating that Japanese internment during WWII was “for their own protection.” I guess someone had to fill Jesse Helm’s shoes and make sure North Carolinians still have to apologize for our legislators whenever we leave the South. Way to go, guys.

Anyway, if yahoos like these are turning against the war, how long until the rest of America wakes up?

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