What State I Am In

June was already going to be crazy, but it’s gotten off to an unpleasant start. Saturday we got a call that the DRM’s grandfather was in the hospital and not doing too well. We got in the car to visit him in Hickory, NC.

Before we got far out of town, we got another call. Grandfather had passed away. It hapenned very quickly. We were the first family members to get to grandmother (the rest of the DRM’s family lives in Richmond, VA). We relieved the neighbors and church friends who were sitting with her, and spent a very sad, strange night with her.

Now we are in the family’s appalachian homeland of Bristol. What state is that in? Well it depends. The Virginia-Tennessee state line runs right through the center of town. We are on the VA side, which is probably not an accident. Next door is Maryland Fried Chicken. WTF? Is that a dis on Kentucky or what?

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