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One friend recently asked me to post my travel schedule on the blog so that she could keep up with whether I was around. This week my schedule is such that I need to write it down just to keep myself straight.

Tomorrow I am going to DC for a commitment that isn’t until Friday, which sucks. I found out too late that this conference expected me to pay to attend the parts at which I am not presenting. I declined to waste my boss’ money (I don’t work for The Man, but The Woman) on the event. So I will be there way early, but I will be plenty busy. In fact, now I am trying to get to DC even sooner than I had intended because there are many activities that I would prefer to be on the ground for rather than in the air. One includes meeting our new interim honcho.

Thursday will be a regular work day, except I will be in an office instead of my house. Strange (for me). Thursday night I will visit one of my oldest friends in the world, who lives in Baltimore. I don’t think I’ve ever been there properly, so this will be an educational as well as a fun experience. Finally on Friday, I get to make the 20 minute panel presentation that I schlepped there for, attend a quick meeting, and then hightail it for the airport.

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