What are you doing for peace today?

One of my favorite things about my job is that I get to send messages like this to thousands of people on a regular basis. (E-mail version, blog version). Join the FOR e-mail list and you could get these e-mails from me too! 😉

Today, September 21st, is known as the International Day of Peace, and with Congress and the U.N. back in session the nation’s attention is turning toward ending the war. In this e-mail we highlight some of many opportunities in the next month for nonviolent action to raise social and political pressure to call for an end to the violence and destruction in Iraq.

* Events officially sponsored or endorsed by FOR.

Please bookmark our dynamic calendar of peace and justice events. (You can even subscribe to it using any of these services: xml/rss, iCal, or Google. )

Read the rest in the e-mail archive or our blog, and do something to help stop the war today.

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