Welcome, Earthlyn

Earthlyn I just renewed my lapsed membership the Buddhist Peace Fellowship in honor of their new new Executive Director. Since they are based in San Fransisco, I don’t know much about their internal workings, but I know there have been some stumbles in the past. (Like when Diana Winston, who founded their incredible BASE program, was let go.)

I am happy to see that the new BPF director is Earthlyn Manuel, an African-American woman with a history of addressing oppression of many kinds. She seems to have all the requisite Buddhist cred, but also represents the necessary challenge to dominant culture that is an essential part of being an Engaged Buddhist.

She also has one of the coolest names I have heard in a while. 🙂

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  1. I’m not sure whether or not to love the fact that I learned about Earthlyn’s hire through your blog (and not BPF)! I’m going to share this big news this morning with the Fellowship of Reconciliation‘s National Council — we’re in the midst of a four-day national staff and board meeting. Thanks! peace, Ethan

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