Two awesome things

Once in a while, Planned Parenthood really nails it!

This cute flash shows a group of young women “voting” for American Idol
while the country falls apart outside their window.

Then there is this stunning short film starring Helen Hunt as a woman who
discovers the power of voting. I know it sounds cheesy, and it sort of
is, but it is really moving! Plus it has music by Black Eyed Peas. I cry
everytime I watch it!
You can get to it directly at
or you can let it popup when you visit

Please share these with all the women you love! Victory is within reach,
but the polls are little droopy this week. Everything we do to educate
our friends and family and to get voters out to the polls this FINAL WEEK
will help!

Two bonus (non-PP) links: abortion clinic days thoughtfully chronicles the experience of women with unplanned pregnancies, I’m not sorry is fighting the stigma associated with abortion.

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