TV is dead, long live video

The Washington Post reports on candidates using video for online campaigning: “All of the sudden, the Internet becomes much more relevant.”

Political campaigns have begun to understand what corporate America already knows: Multiple sources of information and entertainment are making it more difficult for advertisers to reach their target audiences through traditional TV spots. Now, consultants say campaigns are turning to online video — which can have more emotional impact than a TV ad — as a form of targeted media to reach particular groups.

“The problem is fragmentation. In 1982, a media planner could go out and buy ABC, NBC and CBS, and reach 80 percent of the market,” said Bill Caspare, a veteran of political advertising who recently started an online video company. These days, he added, “they have to buy 57 stations and get 57 reporting mechanisms to get 80 percent. All of the sudden, the Internet becomes much more relevant.”
Campaigns Turning More to Online Videos

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