Treo deathmatch

I’m getting ready to replace my trusty 3-year-old Treo 600 with a newer model. I’m looking at the colorful and affordable 680, and the newer, professional 755p. They are almost the same with the following differences. Any advice?

Treo 755p Treo 680
$279* $199
(faster Internet)
(works outside the US)
128MB storage 64MB storage
1.3MP camera VGA camera
Sprint AT&T

I actually think the international function might be more important to me than the faster speed, even though I would benefit from the latter much more often.

* Probably more because I am already on Sprint.

6 thoughts on “Treo deathmatch

  1. Ruby!

    You should switch to Working Assets Wireless now! They’ll buy out your contract, they’re about to have a sweet new all-in-one, the Motorola Q, and you won’t be giving your money to fund the evil empire! Also, they’re a watershed client, but I swear I’m not at all biased.

  2. Josh, I think you convinced me to get the 680. My Sprint contract ends this week, so I plan to order it soon.

    Madeline, I’ve been a customer of Working Assets for over a decade. If they supported Treos I would be all over it. Perhaps you could drop them a hint… 😉

  3. According to the Working Assets coverage map they use “Sprint Nationwide network” for their career in our area. Sadly Sprint’s quality at our home sux.

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