Treo deathmatch

I’m getting ready to replace my trusty 3-year-old Treo 600 with a newer model. I’m looking at the colorful and affordable 680, and the newer, professional 755p. They are almost the same with the following differences. Any advice?

Treo 755p Treo 680
$279* $199
(faster Internet)
(works outside the US)
128MB storage 64MB storage
1.3MP camera VGA camera
Sprint AT&T

I actually think the international function might be more important to me than the faster speed, even though I would benefit from the latter much more often.

* Probably more because I am already on Sprint.

6 thoughts on “Treo deathmatch

  1. Get the 680! It’s cheaper and with a little finagling you can get the Opera Mini browser to work, which is damn fast and useful.

  2. Ruby!

    You should switch to Working Assets Wireless now! They’ll buy out your contract, they’re about to have a sweet new all-in-one, the Motorola Q, and you won’t be giving your money to fund the evil empire! Also, they’re a watershed client, but I swear I’m not at all biased.

  3. Josh, I think you convinced me to get the 680. My Sprint contract ends this week, so I plan to order it soon.

    Madeline, I’ve been a customer of Working Assets for over a decade. If they supported Treos I would be all over it. Perhaps you could drop them a hint… 😉

  4. According to the Working Assets coverage map they use “Sprint Nationwide network” for their career in our area. Sadly Sprint’s quality at our home sux.

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