This week is off to a bad start

Asshole landscaping service I woke this morning to Brian telling me that there was a 100-pound rock on the bumper of my car! It appears that a driver (drunk? vendetta? macho hummer owner?) drove into our yard.

When confronted with this huge rock, the driver concluded the best way out of this situation was forward. They shoved the rock about a foot until it rolled down the hill into my car. Then they shoved (threw?) more rocks into the street and driveway as they forced their way out of the yard.

Here are all my pictures of the aftermath. There was a broken reflector next to where the big rock used to sit, and some skid marks on the curbs, but no paint chips and no tracks in the grass. That rock is HUGE. My friend Mark and I were barely able to roll it off my car this morning.

6 thoughts on “This week is off to a bad start

  1. Eh… sorry ’bout that, love. I was in a terrible hurry.

    Don’t worry though… I won’t ask you to pay for the damage to my truck. (hic)


  2. what the hell?!

    once I had a neighbor actually steal a large rock from our yard – I wouldn’t care if someone asked, they could have had it. But to just take it? That’s just bad manners.

  3. I’m pretty surprised we didn’t hear it either. But I think I have been paying a little too much attention to all the street noises outside since then.

    There’s stuff going on in our neighborhood all the time, so I really can’t afford to jump everytime I hear something.

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