THGTTG for President

I had pretty high expectations going in to see The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and they were exceeded in every possible way. This movie is BRILLIANT in both the British and American sense of the word.

So clever, so funny, so creative, so entertaining! I was a little concerned when I saw a number of kids at the screening, but by the end the grownups were laughing a LOT more than they were.

I don’t know why Spike Jonze passed on the opportunity to direct this, but I’m glad he did as the world will benefit from this previously-unknown director being recognized for the genius he is.

But of all the incredible talent poured into this film, none surpasses the late Douglas Adams. I read this book about 20 years ago(!) and seeing it realized on the screen made me realize what a profound impact it had on my world view. Thank you Douglas Adams, it makes me sad you couldn’t be here to see such a fantastic expression of your visionary work.

Special shouts out to Mos Def and Martin Freeman (of The Office) for excellent acting. They really shined (shone?).

I am eagerly awaiting a sequel…

3 thoughts on “THGTTG for President

  1. It was so wonderful I’m probably going to go and see it again tomorrow. And did you notice the original BBC Marvin in the background on the Vogon planet?

  2. I thought that was him! I almost said “that looked like the old Marvin” when they went by him, but it was so fast.

    I think they used some of the BBC music at one point as well.

  3. they did indeed use the bbc music as the intro. i watched my tape of the old version the next night for comparison. i thought the plot changes were a little gratuitous, but the good parts were fantastic.

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