These are a few of my favorite things

The DRM interviewed me for his show called “3 URLs” on I talked about three different sites that use social software to allow for self-organized/network-centric advocacy:,, and of course is getting involved with the emerging podcasting movement. I don’t love the name, as it’s not very descriptive. It’s really just audio blogging. Podcasters record their thoughts (and sometimes music) and post them in a consistent format on their websites. There are some different software and things you can get that will automatically grab the audio file and put it on your iPod (or whatever) – but really there’s nothing stopping you from just listening at your computer. I see podcasting as a cross between a blog and a radio show.

Some people think podcasting is the wave of the future. But until audio files can be searched and index like text can, I’ll be sticking with my text blog.

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