The Next Generation

Look out world, the bloggers are coming! The Pew Internet and American Life Project recently found that one-fifth of American teenagers have blogs, more than half have created online content, and “those who get music files online believe it is unrealistic to expect people to self-regulate and avoid free downloading and file-sharing altogether.”

Nearly three in five school-age teens with Internet access have created online content, including Web pages with artwork, photos and stories — and about a fifth have their own blogs, which also allow friends and other readers to create feedback postings.

The survey also found that older school-age girls with online access were most likely to keep a blog. About a quarter of girls, ages 15 to 17, did so, compared with 15 percent of boys in that age group.

Among adults, Pew says about 7 percent of Internet users have created their own blogs, or online diaries. And while 26 percent of adults say they read blogs, 38 percent of young people with online access said they do so.
Survey: One in Five Teens Have Own Blogs – Yahoo! News

Pew is consistently doing lots of great research about how the Internet is part of and also changing our society. here’s the Teen Content Creators and Consumers report.

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