The next big thing?

This photo on Yahoo just reminded me of a great idea I had in the shower this morning. Last week I came across two different pictures of pregnant bellies beautifully decorated with henna. I thought that looked like something I would love to do myself. (…When I get pregnant – not yet!)

But I’m afraid I won’t be able to find any talented henna artists. I think an easy and fun substitute would be fake tattoos! Wouldn’t that be fun? You’ve got this big belly hanging around, full of potential, why not celebrate and decorate it? Plus it would give me something to look at and smile about while in that 17th hours of labor.

So please send me links of you know of anyone selling prenatal temporary tattoos. If not, go ahead and take my idea and make some money. (And please send me some fun tattoos.)

3 thoughts on “The next big thing?

  1. Part of my summer/part-time job for the past five or six years has involved using an airbrush to spray on temporary tattoos on college students… so if you can find a stencil you like, shoot me an email. 🙂

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