The Dems Losing Strategy

I’m starting to think that I might not be crazy. Recently, much more respectable (or should I say “credible”) voices, such as Micah Sifry have echoed my long-running sentiment about the Democratic Party’s on-going neglect and abuse of it’s would-be base voters. What I don’t get is that seeing how this has been a losing strategy ever since Clinton left office (he raised it to an art), why do they persist? And why should we still support it?

As I have written recently, I see institutions like MoveOn as a much viable future for building progressive political power and for winning elections than the Dems. One is building a war-chest, the other is building a movement.

Although it presents quite a moral crisis for me, there is no doubt I will vote for John Kerry this year. But he and the Dems owe me one, and I already think they don’t intend to pay me back.

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