The chat

The chat

The live chat session is up on the big screen behind the panel of luminaries (including Markos of

Here are some selections:

“blogs and control are like oil and water” -hodder

“if only there wre grassroots orgs looking for companies to build their sites for them here” -mordcai

“now is the time to plug your blog” -camworld

“blogs do follow press, OR is the press a proxy reference for real-world events.” -Greg2

The weird thing is that the chatters are talking about what the panelists are saying, but the panel doesn’t see the chat.

“the extremity of constituency creates echo chambers” -deanna

Most panelists agree: partisan is not bad. Kos passionately disputes the characterization of blogs as a white male club.

“I don’t think this panel is dealing with ‘how use the net to get your message out'” [the topic of the panel] -GregoryH

“if we put bloggers on TV are they still bloggers?” -Alison

“are bloggers better informed than telephone users?” -xian

Chris Rabb ( just keeps talking about unique he is as a Black Blogger. He says he doesn’t want to be the one token all the time.

“he said ‘long tail’ – drink!” -xian

Carol Darr says blogs have let the news hounds and media junkies into the circles that used just be political insiders. She thinks blogs are incrwasing hostility because of the lack of accountability. Kos pretty much says “tough, that’s politics.”

“are they going to talk about “‘using the net to move your issues?” -AngryLiberal

Hugh Hewitt says “shrill does not mean wrong”

The chat session is moving fast now. 🙂 And the panel is not at all addressing their supposed topic. 🙁

Carol Darr says the NYT readeship is 50% “influentials,” whereas blogs readers are 70% influentials.

Oops, I just took part in mass hissing (at the Patriot Act, espoused by Hugh).

Markos is reading the chat! I am completely starving (12:55 now). This conference could improve the logistics a bit…

Chris Rabb says the way to be success ful is to “be knighted by an a-list blogger.” This guy claims to want to democratize the web? Lame.

“what mulch do it use to grow my blog organically?” -PhilWolff

“a lot of bullshit” -aldon

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  1. Just wanted to zip in here to let you know I enjoyed meeting da both of you today at the rtpnet conference. Let me know if you are in the High Point area. See you again…maybe at the next 501Tech Club?

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