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Last night at the NetSquared reception I met Tantek Celik, who is the Chief Technologist at Technorati – in other words, a leading global thinker in the field of how blogs can talk to each other and to the world. We had a spirited discussion about gender online and whether there are still “barriers to entry” for women in the blogosphere. Happily we both came to the conclusion that there is sexism IRL which repeats itself online, but that new techologies are making it easier for women and minority groups (of which women are not one, of course) to gain more power, credibility, platforms for speaking out, etc.

Tantek mentioned that he has worked a lot on microformats, which he thinks are gaining popularity without support by the typical “a-list” bloggers. I haven’t followed the spread, although I have been interested in microformats since I learned about them last year. I mentioned to Tantek that I was sporting my microformats t-shirt when I was splashed across a full page in the Independent’s recent article about political blogging. I showed him the picture on the Indy’s website which he enjoyed very much.

Tantek also introduced me to Technorati Principal Engineer Kevin Marks who I promptly bothered about a persistent tagging problem I’ve been having here. Within an hour, Kevin wrote me to say he had fixed it! So the true purpose of this entire blog entry is to see whether my tagged blog entries are showing up correctly over at Technorati. And the answer is…

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