Taking it Easy in the Big Easy

Pardon the travelogue, but I am in full vacation mode and paying absolutely no attention to public affairs.

I am in my hotel room now on a dial up connection (annoyoing, but quite adequate for my purposes). Got WWOZ on the radio, who just finished the brass jams show and now it’s the funky something-or-other show. You cannot go wrong with WWOZ.

I walked around a bunch, and had a crawfish *and* oyster po’ boy and watched the b’ball semifinal. Did you you know the women’s final four is being played here in NOLA? So there are tons of extra fans/tourists but even more noticeable: more conservative/yuppie dykes. Yay!

I went to a very cool store and bought presents for everyone I could think of, and the people there liked my taste so much that they gave me some extra stuff they knew I would like. It was like a bricks-and-mortar Archie McFee.

The swamp humidity is in full swing. The forecast said 75, but it feels more like 85. I bought some flip-flops and put them on immediately. I’m on my third Abita Amber and I also had a Dixie with dinner. How did I get so lucky?!

Now I’m resting before I foray out to Flicker at the Howlin’ Wolf. Should be interesting to see how it compares to the original Flicker. If I still have energy after that (unlikely), I will head over to Donna’s which usually has some awesome down-home brass stuff going on. One of my favorite places here. If I don’t go tonight, I HAVE to go tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’ll walk around the garden district and look at houses, which should keep me from spending more money! Damn.

Next time I’ve got to bring the DRM.

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