Girl, Develop WordPress!

In the past year I’ve been getting involved with my local chapter of a wonderful organization called Girl Develop It. They host social/networking events as well as programming classes. At their Code & Coffee I have found help for a sticky Javascript problem, gotten career tips, and helped others learn more about open source software. I …

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A great day at WordCamp Raleigh

I usually enjoy small tech conferences, but I was still surprised at what a good experience I had at WordCamp Raleigh today. It started out on a great note when I checked in and learned that they had t-shirts in women’s sizes as well as the ubiquitous “unisex.” This really made me feel like I belonged, …

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WordPress upgrade = theme downgrade

Woah. I just upgraded WordPress (the software that runs this blog) and it broke my theme (the thing that makes it look like itself, with my lotus and colors, etc.). 🙁 So it’s going to look like something else for a little while until I find a new theme or fix my old one.

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