Today is Long COVID Awareness Day

And my friend Liza Sabater (the OG Blog Diva! Respect!) wrote a great thread about it on Mastodon. I thought I would do a public service and post it for easy reference and sharing.


here’s a few reasons why USGOV is trying to swipe under the rug the consequences of #COVID19 (re)infections:

1. LABOR LAWS would have to change to make sure employers not only provide more sick days but pay for them

2. INSURANCE COMPANIES would have to start “connecting the dots” of pre-existing conditions caused by COVID and other viruses like the FLU

3. OSHA/BUILDING CODES would need to be re-written to deal with AIR CIRCULATION challenges to health

4. PUBLIC HEALTH CARE cannot be “left to the market” anymore; forcing the government to untether health benefits from employment

5. DISABILITY & UNEMPLOYMENT rights & social services would have to be expanded to deal with both temporary & permanent services; which means…

6. SOCIAL SECURITY would have to become the de facto federal system to deal with this new generation of disabled people; which also means,

7. HEALTH CARE FOR ALL would have to be biggest priority of the century

8. MEDICAL SCIENCES would have to re-evaluate the causes of many diseases; changing protocols that would have to take into account questions like: is this cancer caused by a genetic predisposition or a virus like #COVID19 (there’s papers about COVID advancing cancers in people who didn’t have a genetic predisposition, btw)

9. HOUSING, HEALTH CARE, NUTRITION, TRANSPORTATION, would have to be center stage going forward if you want to control the amount of disabled people due to reinfection

these are some of the real life causes of #LongCOVID that come to my #COVID19 #cancer and #ADHD addled mind, so add yours to the replies.

there is no other reason for the #Biden administration and #Democrats to turn their backs on #COVID19, than their #eugenics loving billionaires telling them to do so or else.

this is yet another reason to vote with your protest boots on.

this is why partisan Democrats need to push the party away from fascism.

COVID19 is the 21st century’s turning point.