HASTAC Features

The culmination of two months of very hard work, HASTAC Collections is a beta feature of hastac.org that brings together content from across the site in a hand-curated list of posts which can be viewed in a large tiled display, or in a multifunction list view. Collections are not limited to highlighting hastac.org content, links to other sites are highlighted with yellow buttons. When viewing as a list, users can sort and filter the collection by type of content, topics and tags, and keywords in the title or body.

Digital Badges collection

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Do you play Spore or Little Big Planet? Friend me up!

My Spore thingThanks to the MacArthur Foundation’s partnerships with EA and Sony for the Digital Media and Learning Competition, I am learning more about the games Little Big Planet (on PS3) and Spore: Galactic Adventures (on Mac or Windows).

I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to play them (of course) but I have been dipping my toe in the water. In Spore I have graduated from the primordial ooze on up to “creature stage,” and in LBP I have been exploring The Savannah and unlocked the tools to make my own “level” in the game.

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