A little good news

I have regained full access to PayPal, as well as Yahoo and Amazon. I’ll be talking to Apple tomorrow. Also orangepolitics.org isn’t actually hacked, it’s just the domain name. I still don’t have Dreamhost back (which is the root of the problem) but they agreed to lock everyone out until it’s straightened out. Yay.

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They got my whole web hosting account, domains and all.

Well, it looks like the hackers got my community website, too. I think this confirms my suspicion that they are fucking with my domain names by way of hacking my Dreamhost account.  They’re usually very responsive, but DH has not replied to my urgent messages for over 24 hours. This is what orangepolitics.org looks like …

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Apple, not on the case. Neither are PayPal or Dreamhost.

Apparently the entire Apple tech support team is on vacation today? Seems like it would behoove them to let me talk to a human as soon as possible. Earlier I got a message about my Apple ID being linked to an iPhone and iCloud, neither of which are things I use. This whole ID is …

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Dreamhost/domain hacked?

I’m starting to think this problem goes back before yesterday. It was on Saturday that I originally noticed that my web site at lotusmedia.org was messed up. It’s a WordPress site and it was failing to connect to the database. I tried updating the WP software from my Dreamhost control panel, as this sometimes straightens …

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