How do you spell L-I-E?

I just got the following new alert from “The White House will allow key presidential aide Karl Rove and former counsel Harriet Miers to be interviewed by committees probing the firings of U.S. attorneys, but they will not testify under oath, Rep. Chris Cannon says.” In other words, we don’t want to start a …

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Go Dick Go

I can’t imagine how excruciatingly painful it must be to be shot in the face, neck, and chest with a shotgun. My deepest sympathies to Mr. Whittington, and I wish him a speedy recovery. That said… how perfect is this whole Cheney shooting debacle! It’s a great microcosm for this administration: Cheney is ruthless and …

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We're history's actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.

This is it!

I have had a lot of strong feelings in the past week about this country. The level of division is staggering. One friend tells me that people have been moving geographically into ideological enclaves in recent decades, which helps to explain why not only do we disagree so strongly with each other in this country, …

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