Stop worrying about the media and start podcasting

My beloved has an article in this week’s Independent about podcasting. I love the title: “DIY radio – Or how I learned to stop worrying about the media and start podcasting.”

Check it out and come on out to PodcasterCon on Saturday January 7.

What the heck is podcasting? It’s a new method of sharing and downloading audio programs. The term combines the words “iPod” and “broadcasting,” since shows are often listened to on MP3 players, the most popular one being the Apple iPod.

The technology that makes podcasting possible has been around for awhile, but the first community of people to call themselves “podcasters” didn’t exist until about Aug. 2004. In less than a year, podcasting has gone from obscurity to being a powerful international media tool.

I first started podcasting after my girlfriend gave me an iPod for my birthday in Sept. 2004. I’m a huge music fan, but also enjoy making it, and I wondered what I could do with my iPod besides consume music. I learned about this new thing called podcasting through technology writer Doc Searls’ weblog.

My podcast,, is a mix of opinion, interviews and radio documentary-style shows that inform listeners about information technology and activism in media and politics.

You can do it, too! What follows is a Mac- and PC-friendly guide to podcasting.

– The Independent Weekly, 12/18/05

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