Some people shouldn’t be allowed near a keyboard

I wanted to blog about this a few days ago when I first read about the vile harassment of Kathy Sierra by a group of childish and “mean” (by their own description) bloggers. The fact that any jerk with a blog can make up personally hurtful and damaging crap isn’t news. Hell – it’s even happened to me. What’s amazing to me is the fact that the people launched these attacks from a group blog which also contained many supposedly-reputable bloggers, and also the extremely violent nature of the words and pictures aimed at Sierra.

Rather than recap the saga, so please just go to Kathy’s blog where she explains why she stayed home from one of the biggest tech conferences of the year as a result of these ridiculous threats. The Scobleizer declared a week without blogging. Sue Mernit offers perspective on people’s reactions. And Andy Carvin write a very thoughtful post about this and suggested that we make March 30 Stop Cyberbullying Day.

Check out to see all of the posts in support of this effort.

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