Slam dunk for Bill Richardson

Bill Richardson‘s new campaign ads (below and on YouTube, natch) are both funny and enjoyable to watch, and effective at communicating his qualifications to be President. But the best thing about them is they are authentic. You get exposed to his personal sense of humor, and feel like you are in on the joke with him.

Bonus link: Richardson wants to know what you think of the ads.

3 thoughts on “Slam dunk for Bill Richardson

  1. I really don’t know anything about Bill Richardson. How did he do as Governor in New Mexico? Is he potentially a viable candidate?

  2. I was thrilled to see this ad. He’s got a year to build name recognition before the voting starts, and this is a great start. Obama and Hillary are great campaigners, but Richardson’s experience blows them both out of the water. Hope folks continue to spread the word about him so we can see his poll numbers increase, no doubt he’ll start looking more and more viable in the months to come.

  3. I do think Richardson is a viable candidate, but the problem is the mainstream media has already picked out their storyline for ’08 (“Clinton v. Obama”) and they won’t deviate no matter how reality contradicts them. They did same thing in ’04 when they ignored Dean because he wasn’t what they thought a contender looked like, until they finally got the chance to make their story come true.

    Each year, the grassroots media (blogs, independent news, the internet in general) makes it harder and harder for the MSM to control the storyline, but we’re still struggling right now.

    Personally, my preference for candidates goes something like:
    1. Edwards
    2. Obama
    3. Richardson
    4. anyone else
    5. Clinton

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