Sick Dick

It’s becoming increasingly clear to me that Dick Cheney is a very confused and/or twisted man.

Here he is in the New York Times saying that if Kerry is elected, we will be “hit again” with a “devastating” terrorist attack. Nevermind the fact that Bush/Cheney’s policies have made more enemies across the globe than friends. This is the same administration that pissed away the world’s symapthy after 9/11, that has angered and radicalized more potential terrorists than Osama Bin Laden could have done in a lifetime. It seems a lot more likely that a serious attack would follow a Bush election than a Kerry election.

And then here he is at a “town hall” meeting in DesMoines trying to describe, uh… not sure who he’s describing, but it sounds more like the Bush Whitehouse to me.

They mean to do everything they can to destroy our way of life. They don’t agree with our view of the world. They’ve got an extremist view in terms of their religion. They have no concept or tolerance for religious freedom. They don’t believe women ought to have any rights. They’ve got a fundamentally different view of the world, and they will slaughter… anybody who stands in their way.

I wonder what it’s like in Dick’s twisted world. Seems like his daughter Mary is inheriting this inverted worldview. Where night is day, lesbians are straight (or invisible), and right is certainly wrong.
Thanks to AMERICAblog for the pointers.

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