Send some love please

Please send whatever good vibes you can spare to my stepdad who is rapidly dying from cancer, and to my mom and two stepbrothers.

He was diagnosed less than 4 months ago and is now wasting away. I still can only picture him as the very fit and energetic man that I have known for the last 18 years. It’s just stunning.

9 thoughts on “Send some love please

  1. Ruby,
    Much love and good wishes to all of you. I’m sure your stepdad is very proud of the important work you do and what a fine person you are. we who benefit from your generous nature and deep commitment appreciate the good folks who obviously raised you right.

    Take pictures. Speak of love and kindness. Make memories. Read poetry. Laugh if can, cry when you need to. Watch old movies. You’re loved and appreciated.

  2. I’m so sorry Ruby. May you and your family find strength to get through these difficult days. Time doesn’t heal, but makes the pain easier to bear.

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