Second Life newbie? It’s OK at RootsCampSL.

Ruby mashup Day two of RootsCampSL was very interesting. We discussed some specific cliffhanger races like the Virginia Senate battle and some very competitive congressional seats in North Carolina (even touching on the Durham DA race which was the political fallout of the Duke rape case prosecution). We also talked about whether the Democratic Party is or should be a “big tent” encompassing a wide range of issues and positions. Today’s RootsCampers came from CA, MN, WA, IN, NC, NY, CT, AZ, CO, VA, and Trinidad & Tobago!

We now have our own Flickr group for RootsCampSL, I am also collecting related links in, and there’s always Technorati.

Tomorrow’s topics will be a general Q & A for those new to Second Life, and then a review of Ned Lamont’s campaign in Connecticut from Ned’s tech coordinator and maye other campaigns staff. If you’ve never tried Second Life, tomorrow afternoon’s session for newbies at 4pm EST is a great time to start. I hope to see you there.

The picture above of me and my avatar was inspired by these images of Susan Tenby and her Second life avatar.

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