Scouting tips

Matt Doherty (UNC basketball player 1980-84 and coach 2000-03) has a new job coaching at Southern Methodist University and a new blog!

Watching three games is too much. Can’t do it. Therefore, I will try to get a chair between both courts and look at the “A” court first and during dead balls, study the “B” court. One time I was in LA looking at a 7 footer named Chad Bell on my “A” court. During dead balls I looked at court “B”. As I was looking at court “B” I saw this kid flying all over the court. He would steal the ball and lay it up, time and time again. At half time I learned that the team on court “B” was from South Carolina. I then turned my chair and flipped courts, making court “B” my “A” court and “A” my “B”. After the game I found out that the little jet on court”B” was Raymond Felton! Eight months later Raymond commited to me at UNC and three years later he lead the Tar Heels to the NCAA Championship!

I love it. Um… go you Mustangs?

Thanks to Ed Cone for the link.

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