So I am a bit of a news junkie, and sometime I think people would interested in a roundup of the notable stuff I find so they don’t have to do the research themself. Is this interesting? Or am I just re-hashing stale content? I probably won’t post the obvious stuff that is already in the headlines. Please tell me if you’d like me to do this on a regular basis:

  • There’s a new alaskan oil spill. 🙁
    An oil tanker carrying nearly 5 million gallons of oil and gasoline was struck by an ice floe and ran aground while loading oil products at an Alaska refinery on Thursday, causing a spill, a state official and the refining company said.

    “At this time we do not have an estimate as to the amount of product released,” refinery owner Tesoro Corp. said in a statement.

    I love that the story ends with this important information:
    Shares of Tesoro, based in San Antonio, Texas, fell $3.70 to $66.31 and Seacor Holdings’ stock fell $2.25 to $71.19 in afternoon New York Stock Exchange trade.

  • Pat Robertson admits he “ad libs.”
    “I’ve been doing TV for years and years,” Robertson said. “And the problem is, I ad lib.”

    Interviewed on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on the morning of the annual National Prayer Breakfast, Robertson was asked about statements suggesting that the United States assassinate President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and intimating that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s stroke was God’s punishment for giving up the Gaza strip.

  • Also at the national prayer breakfast: Bono prentending not to realize he’s shaking the president’s hand.
  • And speaking of Mr. Preznit, he wants more money. Shock.
    The White House said on Thursday it would ask the Congress for about $70 billion in new emergency funds for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and seek another $50 billion for those wars early in fiscal 2007.

    The Bush administration also said it would seek a further $18 billion for the hurricane-battered Gulf Coast and $2.3 billion to prepare for a possible avian flu epidemic.

    The new war funds would come on top of the $320 billion the White House budget office said has been allocated for the wars so far, pushing costs since the start of the wars through early next year to about $440 billion.

  • And finally, the CIA says that telling people what they do makes it hadrer for them to do it. I think that’s the idea, guys!

2 thoughts on “Roundup

  1. The Bono/Bush pic is sort of mesmerizing. They both look like cardboard cut-outs, but from completely different parts of some sort of yet to be made Sgt. Pepperish album cover. I try so hard to hate Bono, really I do, but I just can’t stay mad at him.

  2. That’s funny because no matter how often I try to appreciate Bono’s political work, I just can’t take him seriously. 😉 …especially when I see him gladhanding with The Capitalist in Chief.

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