Progressive/nonprofit guide to Second Life

I just compiled this list of resources for a colleague and thought it might be helpful for others:

Nonprofit Commons –
Weekly meetings (Friday at 8:30 am PST) for their community of 32 nonprofit offices and other orgs, manged by

Commonwealth Island –
A natural-themed home for progressive advocacy groups, especially environmental groups. FOR’s virtual office is there as well as ACLU, Code Pink, and the Prison Dharma Network.

A Better World in Second Life
Short documentary by a grad student exploring the potential for social change in Second Life.

SL Netroots –
Progressive activist group with weekly meetups (noon PST Thursdays) on Progressive Island in Second Life. I am the facilitator and co-founder of this group.

MacArthur Foundation
, Digital Media and Learning – &
“five-year, $50 million digital media and learning initiative … to help determine how digital technologies are changing the way young people learn, play, socialize, and participate in civic life”

Daily meditations for global peace –

Interesting discussion of faith-based groups in SL and how to deal with “decency” issues:

What did I miss?

2 thoughts on “Progressive/nonprofit guide to Second Life

  1. Democratic Party of SL and the various Yearly Kos Convention in Second Life (YKSL) groups are significant in size and are reorganizing post-conference to ramp up their activities in the year ahead, hopefully in close collaboration with RootsCamp / SL Netroots!

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