Progressive picks for Chapel Hill and Carrboro

I just sent this to the local papers, so I might as well tell you. I had to keep this short because of the length restriction on letters to the editor. You can get more info about all of the candidates at

Each year friends ask me who to vote for in municipal elections.

In Chapel Hill, I strongly support incumbent Mark Kleinschmidt who is a smart and principled leader. Challenger Will Raymond has built a reputation as a strong advocate and someone who is not afraid to speak truth to power. Jason Baker is well-informed, has good ideas, and can also bring a crucial student voice to local government.

For the fourth slot on the Chapel Hill ballot, I recomend either Bill Thorpe or Laurin Easthom. Bill has a history in town and is an advocate for African American concerns. Laurin is a relative newcomer, but has jumped into the conversation about Carolina North, of which she will be a neighbor.

Moving to the west, I support Jacquie Gist, Randee Haven-O’Donnell and John Herrera for Carrboro Board of Aldermen. These three have the proven experience and dedication to build on Carrboro’s many successes.

I also support Mark Chilton because he has the essential leadership skills that will make him an effective Mayor of Carrboro. He also has a broad range of experience including as an affordable housing advocate, environmental activist, attorney, downtown resident and business owner, father of two, and former member of the Chapel Hill Town Council.

Both mayoral candidates have strong records as progressive advocates. Both have long records of service. Since both are members of the Board of Aldermen, and whoever isn’t elected will continue to serve, I call this a win-win for Carrboro.


Ruby Sinreich

Sorry I don’t know enough about the school board race to make a strong endorsement, so I will punt to the Indy on that one. Please feel free pass my recommendations on to your friends who are voting in Chapel Hill or Carrboro.

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