POTUS mail, a disturbing trend

For those of you holding your breath in suspense (yeah, right), I have received no other response to my e-mail to the president than the autoresponse enumerated below. I have also e-mailed him on other matters with the same response. In fact, I was very disturbed to learn this week that my (Democratic) Congressman is taking a cue from the President! Here is his entire response to an e-mail I sent about defunding Plan Colombia:

Thank you for contacting me via electronic mail. I appreciate your taking the time to let me know of your concerns and your views on issues before the Congress.

Because of the tremendous volume of non-constituent email that I receive, I am no longer able to process and respond to email sent directly to this address. If you are from the Fourth District of North Carolina, please use the link below to visit my Web Site and send me a message online:


Again, thank you for your interest in the important and difficult issues facing our country.


David Price, Member of Congress

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