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  1. That’s one way to attack drug traffic…target the buyers. Unfortunately CHPD still hasn’t hired more officers (even though I know for a fact he is getting applications for fully qualified officers) and C/OCDA still isn’t prosecuting drug offenses so the dealers are back on the street often faster than the cops can do their paperwork.

  2. hmmm,must be nice living in a neighborhood that has crack dealers. ever think of moving out of the hood?

  3. Actually, it’s very nice living in my neighborhood. I can walk to most of the places I want to go from here. My neighbors are friendly and helpful.

    Not that I want to, but I can’t afford any place else in town. I would have to move to the country and then spend all my money and time in the car. I would really miss seeing and interacting with other humans.

    Plus, if everyone who could move left, the neighborhood would be way worse off. I like it here. I own my house. Why should I leave instead of the dealers?

  4. i think it is great that you own your home and like the area you are in.
    have you tried to do anything about the drug dealers in your area?
    when i lived in the city many years ago we took matters into our own hands and solved the problem in a matter of days.
    you would be surprised what a group of people can do.
    i have lived in the country for many years and never drove less than 45 minutes each way to work everyday. i lost years driving that far to work each day.
    i am now 42 years old and retired,i plan on getting those years back.
    good luck!!!

  5. I’m with Ruby on this. The backing neighborhoods we live in are quite good and more than convenient for lots of reasons. While residents in our neighborrs can do many things to stave off the dealers and crackheads, everyone still needs to weigh their own personal safety in choosing to do so. Myself and my neighbor across the street from me have both made it clear to the dealers and users that frequent the corner outside my door that we have no problems with them if they keep their stuff confines to their personal space…for the most part this has worked really well, and when it hasn’t I have no problems with calling Carrboro PD.

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