Paul Squared for America

A few weeks ago, my friend John asked me about my presidential preferences and blogged my reply. Today he has come up with a slate of his own that may be even more brilliant.

10:47:57 AM johnjosephbachir: i have decided on my dream ticket
10:48:08 AM ruby_sinreich: Finally! 😉
10:48:11 AM ruby_sinreich: Quien es?
10:48:18 AM johnjosephbachir: Ron Paul / RuPaul
10:48:29 AM ruby_sinreich: Genius !!!!!!!!!!!
10:48:40 AM ruby_sinreich: :))
10:48:47 AM johnjosephbachir: The two things I think this country could benefit from most: States’ rights and gender theory
10:50:54 AM johnjosephbachir: “Congratulations, is available!”
10:51:12 AM ruby_sinreich: ;))
10:51:16 AM johnjosephbachir: although, rupaul’s last name is not paul
10:51:27 AM ruby_sinreich: True.
10:51:32 AM johnjosephbachir:
10:51:35 AM johnjosephbachir: heh
10:51:42 AM ruby_sinreich: or

Speaking of Rupaul, I highly recommend the movie “But I’m a Cheerleader.”

Have a rocking weekend, readers. I will be back to blog about NetSquared, but probably not until tomorrow.

1 thought on “Paul Squared for America

  1. For the record, “But I’m a Cheerleader” is one of my favorite movies of all time. I can’t explain it. Most of my friends thought the plot was predictable and the characters were stereotypical, but I couldn’t imagine the film being half as good done any other way.

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