10 thoughts on “Oh, really?

  1. Wow, you were an English school girl? Does that mean that, like me, you also got to be the only Jewish person in a school run by the Church of England?!

    When I was an English school boy (c. 1977-1990) I ate Yorkies all the time. And somehow this packaging makes sense within the awful context of British culture. But I bought one at Fowler’s a few weeks back and, because of my [sort of] British accent, was called upon to explain it by the clerk. I was at a loss.

  2. I went to a state-run school when I lived in England, but I was the only Jew most of these kids had ever met. They were all shocked by my normal-sized nose. And by the fact that I consorted with commoners like them. πŸ˜‰

  3. Hey, they were amazed I lacked horns. Okay, not really… Actually they were so unaware of all things Jewish that anti-Semitism was essentially impossible. Except from the headmaster. And the religious education teacher.

  4. OMG, it gets worse! I just opened the package so I can eat this not-for-girls chocolate and the wrapper on the individual bar says “do not feed the birds!”

    For Americans: “bird” is a common, disrespectful slang word for woman. Along the lines of “chick.”

    I just don’t understand this marketing strategy…

  5. That would not be effective in my case, Will. This candy was a gift in my “easter basket” from my stepmom. Who am I to turn down candy?

  6. I bought one of those, and I did so out of spite. It was an F-Y moment of , “Oh yeah, I’ll show you, I will buy your candy bar.” And then I realized that I had fallen for their marketing strategy. It then seemed brilliantly ironic to me. I bought them for a few of my gal pals.


  7. Someone beat me to it…Excellent marketing strategy…I was gonna go buy one in protest,if I could indeed find one, but then realised that is exactly what they want…

    I’ll stick with plain old Hershey bars that all genders are welcome to eat…mmmmm chocolate!

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