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I tweeted at the Nonprofit Technology Conference last year, but not many people were even aware of Twitter then. This year, way more folks are tweeting. We are having great conversations. Plus you can follow the #08ntc hashtag and see it collected even if you don’t follow each person who is tweeting the conference.

Kudos to Holly Ross and the NTEN posse for the best NTC yet! (Of course, I still have a few suggestions… 😉 )

3 thoughts on “NTC on Twitter

  1. yea – i noticed a lot of twitter activity. especially the rude comments you made about me. thanks for the heckling and the professionalism you displayed.

  2. I’m sorry, but anyone charging $10,000 for a proprietary, “brochure” web site is not doing nonprofits a service, and it had to be said. I wish there had been a better format for the dialog, but that’s how the session was designed.

  3. ruby – it all depends on what they are looking for. we have built OPEN SOURCE – yes open source sites for many non profits. some of them have gone as high as 50k to 300k. it all depends on the scope,the needs, the size of the project, etc. a 10 page site does not need to cost 10k, BUT if the npo has NO branding, no idea what they are doing, then there is going to be costs for planning, design, scoping, etc. a 10k site with a consultant who charges $100 an hour is only going to get 100 hours of time. that is not a lot of time. you and i both know that.

    the session was set up for Q&A. i am all for debate and conversation, but coughing the word “bullshit” when someone is speaking is just plain rude amd immature. there is no place for it.

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