Notes on using blogs for grassroots advocacy

This morning I led a workshop at the 2005 SURGE Conference about using the Internet as a tool for activism. I promised the participants that I would post some links here to the websites we discussed.

Network-centric/grassroots advocacy:

Local stuff:

Pro-choice blogs:

Blogs & journalism:

Some of the important things we discussed about blogs:

  1. The first person voice is more authentic than the so-called “objectivity” of the mainstream media.
  2. Blogs are a discussions, both within the comments of a particular blog and between blogs.
  3. Blogs are network-centric and grassroots, so remember to emphasize those strengths and don’t try to exert too much control (except for trolls).

Whew! That was quite a brain dump. Please feel free to add your own links and suggestions in the comments. Thanks again to those who participated in today’s workshop.

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