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In my presentation yesterday, the topic of e-mail communication came up over and over. I will definitely have to incorporate more on that into that session (unless I can concince BCBS to add another hour on that). Since I’ve been back in the office a number of things have come to my attention that would be of interest to the participants there:

  • Online Fundraising Training in RTP on 10/15/04

    Become an Online Fundraiser!
    Online fundraisers increase their organizations reach, engage new supporters and communicate with their stakeholders more effectively. If you are not yet fundraising online, here’s your chance to learn how! In this one-day class you’ll learn about the innovative ideas and groundbreaking techniques that organizations like yours are using successfully. Find out how to use the Internet to effectively engage people and raise more money.

  • Democracy in Action
    affordable, well-featured online tool for advocacy and organizing
  • AdvoKit
    combines social networking with voter ID and get-out-the-vote efforts
  • Voter Punch
    searchable database of congressional votes on a variety of progressive issues
  • Citizen Speak
    free online advocacy tool

Please drop me a note (by clicking on the [rants] link below if you were at the Healthy Community Institute in Charlotte. Did you like it? What other information do you need to get your nonprofit’s online strategy up and running?

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