No sleep ’till Boston

No sleep 'till Boston
It’s raining here in NC and I’m waiting for the sun to rise while I wait for my flight to take off. Apparently all the airports in the northeast are delayed from weather, which means I’ll be even later than I was going to be to this really cool conference in Boston.

The upside of the weather: it reminds me why I’m glad I don’t live “up north.” 😉 I’ll be back in Chapel Hill late tomorrow night.

2 thoughts on “No sleep ’till Boston

  1. This morning was beautiful, mid-50s and a light rain (I grew up in Northern California, so I have odd ideas about beautiful weather)

    Now its torrential rains. Sideways. Good luck.

    How long you in town for? I’m in NYC right now, but should be back tomorrow.

  2. I’m only here until tomorrow, and sadly our hotel isn’t near anything good except UMass.

    This meeting might as well be in the Bermuda Triangle. 😉

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