New book, old controversy

When are these conservative ninnies going to get over themselves? Last year, Rush Limbaugh and hundreds of his teeming minions got up in arms about UNC’s summer reading, a book called Approaching the Quran. UNC administrators received hate mail from around the country about their effort to expose some young minds to a major world religion. This year, UNC has assigned Barbara Ehrenreich’s Nickel and Dimed, and Carolina’s newest crop of young republicans just won’t stand for it. I have read this book myself and I can assure you that students should be celebrating such an easy assignment. It has some good moral lessons, but it’s fairly devoid of big-picture conclusions and so easy to read that it could be completed quite handily in a day or two at the beach.

If these students (and their right-wing backers) are uncomfortable about dealing with the experience of someone not of their own economic disposition – well that’s the point, kids. Welcome to education.

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