Neighborhood news

I just found that my neighbors, the Grays, are moving. The good news is they are selling their house for $170k! This is way more than either of us paid for our homes. Of course the rising prices have a downside – we live in one of the last affordable neighborhoods in town, and you know how it goes.

I will miss the Grays and their adorable kids. I’ll especially miss our mutual cat sitting arrangement, which has worked well for the past 4 years. I always thought they’d be fun to hang out with, but I never got off my butt and invited them over. (Partially because I suffer from CHAOS.)

When the Grays leave, my partner and I will be the only white people living on this street. I don’t expect it to be very different than when we were one of two white households, but it’s notable. Our street has managed to fend off student rentals for the most part. I wonder how long we can continue to hold out.

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