Nauseation nation

Not only is this convention not as scripted as the Dems were, it’s full-on awkward. Audio miscues abound. Looong manual set changes are very bad for momentum, espcially since… Hey, is that the same band from Boston? The feel-good rock and soul is getting old.

… The other thing about the frequent extended breaks is that the talking heads must be really having a field day. I wouldn’t know, I’m mostly staying with C-SPAN (less so the more bored I get).

… I can see them handing out the signs to the delegates! A full hour before they will be cued by the big monitor on stage – uncool. Where’s the magic? This really illustrates how very graceful the Dems were. I thought they were a too Hollywood at the time, but this is lame. It might pass for hokey if it was more intentional. For your entertainment value, stick with the donkey.

… But the GOP is definitely winning the silly hat competition. No contest.

… This “compassion” theme couldn’t be more disingenuous. These people are at war with peace and justice. I’ll conserve my outrage and let Jay Ovittore take this rant.

… Oh my! George P. Bush is a hottie, isn’t he? No wonder they keep trotting him out at the conventions.

… Thank you Jaci Velasquez for washing the disgusting taste of Senator Brownback out of my mouth. What a contrast: from gringo shithead preaching the sanctity of life, to cute latina Britney-style salsa. She’s good, but my stomach is churning.

… I was going to watch a little more, just out the corner of my eye. But “Doctor” (Senate Majority Leader) Bill Frist is really making me ill. I’m switching to Comedy Central now before I throw up on the cat.

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