My very own radio station

I must admit I am damned impressed with LAUNCHcast on Yahoo. I initially thought it might be a nice way to put on some non-offensive commercial music until I got sick of it. First it asked me to rate genres, not a particularly productive activity. But then I discovered that I can search for specific artists and rate them to get them added to “my radio station.” Much to my delight they had everyone I searched for – even Trailer Bride and Shark Quest – until I got to Jett Rink. It’s actually sort of comforting that there is still something that I have that hasn’t been co-opted by the corporate hacks… yet.

So anyway, I made me a snazzy little radio station. It does have occasional ads (unless you fork over money for “Launch Cast Plus”), but they’re mostly for good causes.
Check me out! If there’s any interest, I’ll add a permanent link to it from the blog. I think there’s also a friendster-like feature where you can designate other users as musical “influences” on your own playlist.

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