My Pet Goat

Few will forget the devastating footage of Bush’s bewildered, dumbstruck reaction on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, when he learns of the attack on the World Trade Center. Instead of conferring with advisers, he sits quietly in a Florida classroom for an interminable seven minutes and then reads My Pet Goat to the children.

USA Today

The official story is that Bush was meeting with a group of pre-schoolers when he was informed of the attack on the World Trade Center and quickly left the room. Not quite right, says Moore. [The official story has changed since the footage of Bush reading to the children has been published.] Bush learned of the first attack before entering the school, ‘decided to go ahead with his photo op,’ and began to read My Pet Goat to the students. Informed of the second attack, he incredibly remained with the students for another seven minutes, reading from the book, until a staff member suggested that he leave. The look on his face as he reads the book, knowing what he knows, is disquieting.
[emphasis added]

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times, Cannes Film Festival Fahrenheit 9/11 review

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