Ms. Sinreich Goes to Washington

That just doesn’t have the ring of “Mr. Smith goes…” does it? Anyway, I’ll be working in DC this entire week, which might lead to lighter posting here. Then again, now that I can blog from my phone (using Flickr or mo:blog), there’s not much excuse for not posting.

Another cool thing that I can do with my phone now is play MP3 files and live streaming audio! And even though national NPR and my milquetoast local station won’t offer their streams in a format I can use, WNYC (guess where) offers it’s FM (hi fi) and AM (lo fi) streams for free 24-7. Yay – gotta get my NPR… I am becoming such a news junkie. I’m suprised that I’m not overloaded or at least sick of all the political crap by now, but I’m soaking it up like a sponge. Still, I am looking forward to the election being over – especially since Kerry is gonna win! ;}

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