Military “superiority”

Ed Cone asks “our obvious military superiority alone can’t win this war for us, can it?

My answer (excerpted from a much longer conversation):

Our supposed “military superiority” can’t win the war on it’s own… but it might help us lose it. Shock and awe is doing a great job so far, isn’t it?

For all our military’s studying of assymetrical warfare, I think they still don’t get that whole HUMAN BEING part…

According to Iraq Body Count (which I believe a hell of a lot more than Fox “News” or National Pentagon Radio) about 8,875-10,725 Iraqis have DIED. In addition, the Iraq Coalition Casualty Count shows that 689 coalition soldiers have been killed and 3,466 have been wounded. I can’t even fathom how many Iraqis may be wounded, homeless, starving, or psychologically scarred as a result of our invasion.

All of the trustworthy information I have seen tells me that every day we occupy Iraq only makes the conflict worse. More people in Iraq (of all nationalities) are suffering, not less. It’s time for George Bush to feel their pain.

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