Mark Warner wants blogger love

One of the several SXSW “parties” that I attended on Sunday was hosted by folks working for former Virginia Governor Mark Warner. He’s been making presidential noises, and he has a John-Edwards-like ability to talk about his Christian family values, etc, etc. Personally, I don’t have any reason to favor him over Edwards in ’08, but that’s a long way away.

Anyway, in the above picture from that event I am hanging out with Joi Ito, Halley Suit, and Doc Searls. Doc is an old old friend from when we lived in a little hippy community outside of Chapel Hill in the 70’s. In those days, he was called “Doctor Dave” and was known for his clever quips, some of which mimeographed and posted on everyone’s fridges.

1 thought on “Mark Warner wants blogger love

  1. Have you yet to see the cover story of the New York Times Magazine from last Sunday’s edition? The story is on Warner and his presidential ambitions. I have yet to read the article and have not made a complete opinion of him yet. From what I know of his business background I am little skeptical. Nonetheless I am definitely looking forward to what the Democrats will have to offer in the post-GWB world. I am intriuged by how the media is already annointing Hilary Clinton with the nomination as hers to lose, as is the lead in to the NYT magazine piece on Warner. I like John Edwards but still feel that his innocence and lack of governmental experience while quite admirable yet yields him problematic in the rough and tumble world of American electoral politics. We shall see … we shall see …

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