March for Peace in the belly of the Beast

Tomorrow there will be a global protest going on: “The World Still Says No To War.”
People will be marching across the globe, but North Carolinians have a
special opportunity to march in Fayetteville, the home of Fort Bragg and
Pope Air Force Base.

There is still room on the busses leaving from Internationalist Books on
Franklin Street at 9am. Call 942-1740 for more info on that. I have
collected information and links about the peace march on

It is one year since the official start of our war against the people of
Iraq. The media will be covering this all over the place. And we have a
opportunity to demonstrate our support for the troops where they live,
both literally and figuratively. There couldn’t be a better time or place
to act for peace. (Plus the weather’s going to be nice for a change, and
we’ll be back time to eat a leisurley dinner and go see the Torch Marauder
at Cat’s Cradle.)

There will be a counter-demonstration of course, but don’t let that scare
you. I have personally been contacted by a soldier who intends to march
for peace with us – and he can’t be the only one. Let’s show our support
for these brave people by putting our own bodies on line (a little) just
for one day.

If you come and you want to march with me, ride the Internationalist bus, look for my red beaded “be
” sign, or call my cell phone. See you in

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