Mapping our trip to London

In 7 weeks Brian and Izzy and I will be visiting my dad and stepmother in London! I haven’t been there in a few years and of course it’s Izzy’s first trip so we’re very excited.

The last time we were there, I started a Google Map to keep track of places I wanted to go so that I could visually see the geographic implications and proximities. Since then, Google has added much more detail including accurate transit stops and tons more commercial and cultural destinations. Just now I was looking at the location of a cool bookstore we visited, and noticed that there’s a bar called Ruby Lounge around the corner. I might have to check that out if we get back to that neighborhood.

This year I’m feeling brave so I’m opening up the map for my friends (and whoever the rest of you are) to add items to the map. I’m especially looking for stuff that a 1 -year-old might enjoy. Please add your suggestions!

View London in a larger map

1 thought on “Mapping our trip to London

  1. Hi Ruby, great idea! Friends of mine gave their map out like this too when they visited Amsterdam, and seeing what friends-of-friends suggested in my town gave me a few new places to check out 🙂

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